Inside the Feels Like Home Collection

Inside the Feels Like Home Collection

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Australia is a country built on the love of land and sea. From coast to coast, our cities and towns are defined by the landscapes that surround them. The locals who inhabit their streets, avenues, laneways and boulevards are proud custodians of legendary suburbs steeped in rich history. Afternoon cricket on the street, beachside bowls on the green, corner store hangouts showing off the new wheels. Wherever you live or holiday in our beautiful backyard, one thing remains true for us all— fond memories remain etched in time like a patriotic portal to the past.



A collaboration between Left Bank Art Group Brand Ambassador, Carlene Duffy, and Northern New South Wales artist, Dylan Cooper; the Feels Like Home Collection draws its creative inspiration from nostalgic national glimpses reimagined for the modern day. The limited edition print collection depicts a series of iconic Australian scenes that truly capture the spirit of a shared social soul. The eight recognisable locations were handpicked by Carlene and Dylan as to their overall popularity and associated potential to connect with a broad Australian audience. Even if you’ve never lived in any of the locales, you know you’ve seen them somewhere, somehow, evoking an intuitive sense of familiarity — a family getaway way back when perhaps?

When it comes to print compositions, each one is a pre-planned puzzle of images photoshopped together to create the full scene that Dylan paints in his signature style. Warm yet vibrant colour palettes featuring bold textures set an inviting mood in what could be seen as a nod to minimalist, mid-century musings. All originals are a well-considered stroke of acrylics on canvas that are expertly scanned on “Wham Bam” — our SMA flatbed scanner capturing fine detail at an ultra-accurate 600 pixels per inch. The collection scans are then printed on premium canvas by our studio hero, “The Beast” — a world-class piece of reproduction technology and the only one of its kind in Australia. Between these two industry innovations, you’d swear you’re about to touch the tactile brushstrokes laid down by Dylan’s very own hand. Quality framing comes in the form of locally grown, FSC Certified Tasmanian Oak in either a raw or stained finish that floats the print in stunning contemporary style — our clients’ most popular choice. Three practical print sizes are available with the cost including framing, protective packaging and Australia-wide delivery. Take your pick between:

  • Small: 28cm X 33cm RRP $395.00
  • Medium: 44cm X 54cm RRP $495.00
  • Large: 54cm X 64cm RRP $595.00

There are only 30 limited edition prints available per size for each Feels Like Home Collection scene so order yours online now to secure an artistic slice of Australian history.

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