Our Team.


More than 30-years of fine art printing, framing and artist representation work has seen Left Bank rise to the top of the industry ladder when it comes to delivering outstanding visual and commercial results. To quote Toby, “We’ve earned client trust by trusting in our own personalised way of doing business – we’re in it together to grow, thrive and make art come alive. Over time, we see our clients as extended family and move artistic mountains to meet their unique needs, whatever the brief and budget”.

We are Left Bank Art Group. And you will always be our art-felt priority.

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When it comes from the family, it comes from the heart. From humble beginnings in a Main Beach shopfront to state-of-art facilities now in Luscombe, Left Bank Art Group has been an artistic pursuit of passion nurtured by founders Bob and Sandy Simm; and in more recent years, son Toby and wife, Michelle. One must simply love art to put this much time, energy and investment into it. That’s why Left Bank always has – and always will be – 100% invested in art.


At the helm of our operations, our dedicated team of managers brings years of experience to the table, ensuring the seamless execution of every project from inception to completion. They are the driving force behind optimizing order processes, implementing efficient workflows, and meticulously attending to every detail. With their expertise, they also play a pivotal role in product development, driving innovation and ensuring that we deliver top-notch offerings to our clients.

Meet Our Artwork Production Specialists.


Behind the scenes, our talented team of artwork production specialists works their magic. Whether it's printing, scanning, graphic design, or content creation, they are the creative wizards who bring your visions to life. Get to know the experts who transform digital pixels into stunning prints and ensure every detail is crafted with precision and care.

To keep product and service quality high, Left Bank only invests in cutting-edge equipment and materials sourced globally. Embracing innovation is key when it comes to presenting art in its finest form, coupled with a vision to integrate sustainable business practices wherever possible. All the studio’s printers, scanners, papers, canvases, timbers and other tools are testament to a team who takes pride in producing work of artisan standard while keeping a close eye on preserving the planet.

Meet the Powerhouse Team Behind Our Kornit Presto Max Printer.


Meet the Powerhouse Team Behind Our Kornit Presto Max Printer.

Behind the scenes, our exceptional team operates the Kornit Presto Max, our industrial-grade printing workhorse. These skilled professionals are the heart of our large-format printing operations, ensuring that every print is executed flawlessly.

Meet the Experts Behind Our Picture Framing Team


Behind the artistry of picture framing, our dedicated team of experts takes center stage. These skilled artisans are the driving force behind crafting the perfect frame for your artwork, ensuring every detail is impeccable.