Handmade fine art picture framing.

Eat. Sleep. Frame.

We’ve been picture framing for over 30 years, it’s where we began. We’re equipped to handle simple glass replacements or supplying picture hooks, right through to producing and delivering thousands of custom printed and framed artworks for commercial projects. Our team has over 110 years between them in the industry, and we have cutting edge equipment backed by established relationships with suppliers, allowing us to deliver customised, large-scale picture framing to artists and the interiors industry.

Partnered with our printing capabilities, in-house creative team and network of artists, Left Bank Art Group is unique in it’s offering with our ability to custom design and build for any sized project.

We strive to keep turnarounds tight and pricing competitive, all whilst providing that family business service level.

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Australian made, done the right way.

Every single Left Bank Art Group frame is custom built by our team of experts in our Gold Coast workshop. You won't see a ready-made frame here! With old school craftsmanship, new technology, and some serious attention to detail, we are proud to offer custom picture framing for projects of all sizes.  


Kira & Kira

This month the spotlight is on one of our long-time trade partners, Kira & Kira, who know they can rely on Left Bank to deliver quality art outcomes on time and to budget.

While each project is different, a typical day might see us picking up original works from Kira & Kira's store to bring into the warehouse for custom framing, through to drop-shipping the latest creations to their clients all over Australia. 

Kira & Kira has built strong relationships with artists who also trust us to manage their reproductions of works. This means that we can have a fine art reproduction printed, framed and dispatched to Kira & Kira’s clientele with 1-2 weeks.  


Select Frame Style

To begin, select what style of frame you'd like to display your artwork in - we have 4 standard styles to choose from. 


Select Moulding

Every single Left Bank Art Group frame is custom built by our team of experts in our Gold Coast warehouse/factory/studio. For each frame type, we offer you several options of mouldings.


Selecting a
border size

Window mounts (mat boards) are an option for standard frames. We offer a range of colours to complement or contrast your image which are custom cut to your required dimensions. Below are a few styles of mount to consider.


Select Glazing

When selecting how to protect your framed artwork with glazing, there are quite a few options. The first choice is - glass or acrylic? Glass in the standard as it is very resistant to scratches and has the luxurious look, however as it is breakable, it is not ideal for shipping, or for using in some situations where it could hurt someone if it were to smash. Acrylic is shatter-proof and lightweight, so it is a fantastic option for shipping and also installing into areas where safety is paramount. Being a plastic, it does scratch easier than glass, so care must be taken when cleaning it.


Step Five.

Depending on your frame details, you can add D-rings and cord, mirror plates or strap hangers.

D-Rings and Cord
D-Rings and cord make it easy to hang your art on existing wall fixings. 

Mirror Plates
Mirror places offer a classic fixing option and can compliment the style of some frame types. They are robust, preventing easy removal of art from the wall.

Strap Hangers
Strap hangers are a neat fixing option and must be used for larger, heavier frames. They come in a range of sizes to suit your image.

Safety plates

Security Fixtures 
Preferential for Commercial Projects

Some installers prefer to use their own fixtures.


That deckled edge!

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Art by Fern Siebler