Canvas Framing for Artists

Stretched with love and care by hand.

Canvas Stretching and Framing.

Our skilled framing team, many boasting artistic backgrounds, expertly stretch canvases using top-tier 38mm stretcher bars. For added durability, any stretcher exceeding 100cm comes with added bracing. With our standard sizes always in stock, we ensure a swift turnaround.

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The quality is exceptional.

These are my prints! I am blown away by how much this looks like the original painting. You cannot tell the difference, all the textures, colour blends and details are there as in the original. Amazing job by Left Bank.

Laura Oczos, Artist

Sustainable, locally sourced solid timber frames

Canvas Framing.

Our canvas float frames are sourced locally from FSC-certified suppliers and are available in a range of finishes. They are 10mm wide on the face and 55mm deep, and we fit them with a 5mm space between the canvas and the frame, to create a shadow line.

Our Most Sought-After Canvas Float Frames

A Curated Collection.

As connoisseurs of fine art, we understand the integral role a frame plays in elevating a piece of art. A frame is not just a boundary; it is an extension of the artwork, a bridge between the artist's vision and the space it inhabits.