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Boasting an enormous flatbed size of 1220mm x 1778mm, our scanner is specifically designed to capture ultra-fine artwork detail by scanning at an astounding 600 pixels per inch. That's 1,210 megapixels! (Not a typo). That's so many megapixels we talk in gigapixels - our scanner is 1.21 gigapixels. Custom light settings also pick-up textured nuances in dimensional works with reproductions able to be more than quadrupled in original size due to true optical resolution. 



Let's scan, man.

When it comes to scanning, it all comes down to the power of perspective. The deeper you can dive, the greater accuracy you can capture. Our scanner is designed to do exactly this and is only one of a few in Australia. Big ups to us. It cost a motza for this marvel of German engineering, but no shortcuts suffice when only the best imaging results will do. 

Our team has been scanning the art scene for over 10-years now, looking after some of Australia’s most prolific contemporary artists as well as hungry up-in-comers growing that inspirational side-hustle.

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Simply Incredible.

The scans we receive from Left Bank Art Group are simply incredible. They pick up the texture of the canvas, paint and embellishments perfectly. My customers are in awe at the stunning quality and detail of the reproductions. Size and speed is no issue with even my 1.3 x 1.8m originals scanned quickly.

Jai Vasicek

Plan for your scan

The Raw Scan service is for artists who intend to process the scan file themselves. Raw scans are perfect for clients who don't intend to print with us, or want an archival file for safe keeping. Other examples of Raw Scan uses are scanning an artwork for a book, or for another company to create a design from.

With the Print Ready Scan service we take a Raw Scan, crop it, re-touch it, and colour match it to an artwork to capture the same feeling as the original. We aspire to create a print that might be mistaken for the original. Each order is complemented with a high-resolution JPG, a web-ready JPG, and an A4 colour test print, beautifully rendered on your choice of one of our museum grade mediums.

For optimal directional light scanning, please ensure your artwork is either flat or stretched. This prevents the scanner from detecting any ripples or inconsistencies in the medium.

Print Ready Scans require you to specify the medium you'd like for the test prints. You can view photos of our available mediums on our fine art prints page, or if you prefer, we can showcase them to you in person.

Please provide us with the titles for each artwork. Don't be embarrassed if they are a bit kooky. We like that. You could even write the title on the back of the original. We LOVE that.

If your artwork doesn't have a clear orientation, kindly mark the top side on the back with a "T" to help us identify the correct positioning. That would be tops!

On the spot Raw Scanning is by appointment only.

The Print Ready Scan service usually takes 10-14 business days.

File stitching allows us to scan artworks up to 2 x 2.5m. Yep, that's big.

If an artwork can be laid flat on the scanner, we can scan it in sections and join it together. Easy! Not really, but chat with us about how it can be done.

We'll send you your files using Google Drive. Alternatively, you can bring in a USB flash drive if you don't like clouds.

After booking in your desired scanning service, please deliver your artwork to our new Luscombe location.

For added convenience, we also offer pick-up and delivery services to the Gold Coast/North Rivers and Brisbane areas, typically alternating each week. This van run is usually scheduled for Wednesdays.

Artworks framed behind glass will need to be removed from their frames to avoid glary reflections.

Float framed canvases can be scanned if the artwork is flush with the frame all the way around.

We provide a framing undo/redo service depending on how something was framed.

We provide directional light scanning, where the artwork is illuminated from the top at an angle. This technique accentuates depth, texture, and shadows, bringing out the intricate details of your piece.

For those who want to offer prints for sale, we can recommend sizes for a print range and work with you to nut out the fine details of how you'd like your prints presented for sale.

Pixels per inch (PPI) denote the quantity of pixels present in every inch of a digital image. As a rule of thumb, a higher PPI typically results in superior image quality. We like to print at 300ppi for the crispiest of giclée prints, and 118ppi is the recommended minimum.

We utilize a native scanning resolution of 600ppi, allowing us to effortlessly enlarge your artwork twice to four times its original size. Yes, we go large.

For those who want their prints to look as close to the original as humanly possible, we provide additional colour matching at an hourly rate, catered to your budget.

Not without written permission from the creator of the artwork. Owning an original artwork or print doesn't mean you have the legal right to create reproductions. And being artists ourselves, we take this very seriously.

Get in touch to book.



A quick word of warning. Most consumer scanners claim to capture at 1200+ pixels per inch – BUT! – they use a method called “interpolation” where scanning software adds additional pixels into the final file. Not cool. Why? Because you don't get true resolution and the finer details get lost in translation. Interpolation can go take a vacation!


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