The Place to Meet

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Location: Yuggera Country — New Farm Park, Queensland.

Dylan’s inspiration: When the concept of painting this park was presented to me, I initially had several ideas of how it may work visually. Over time and after many discussions, I soon realised that it would be a creative case of having to alter several key design elements to achieve the desired outcome. I warped perspectives and changed vantage points, added small, recognisable structures and embellished subtle influences of nature all to entice the collector to discover new aspects of the scene — just like when you visit the park in person. Merely minutes from the Brisbane CBD, you always feel like you’re having a hug from nature when visiting New Farm Park making it the perfect inner city “Place to Meet”. 

Carlene’s inspiration: New Farm is a charming, inner-city village that morphs from the edgy, vibrant night-life scene of Brunswick Street into a leafy, slo-mo café enclave. Such is the scene cleverly depicted by Dylan where iconic New Farm Park appears on the left in all its lovely tranquillity. We really wanted to represent everything that makes this prime patch special, from the majestic jacaranda trees to the heritage-listed Queenslanders, the industrially-chic Powerhouse to the meandering Brisbane River — and the City Cat ferries that are also uniquely Brisbane.

A collaboration between Left Bank Art Group Brand Ambassador, Carlene Duffy, and Northern New South Wales artist, Dylan Cooper; the Feels Like Home Collection draws its creative inspiration from nostalgic national glimpses reimagined for the modern day. The limited edition print collection depicts a series of iconic Australian scenes that truly capture the spirit of a shared social soul. The eight recognisable locations were handpicked by Carlene and Dylan as to their overall popularity and associated potential to connect with a broad Australian audience. Even if you’ve never lived in any of the locales, you know you’ve seen them somewhere, somehow, evoking an intuitive sense of familiarity — a family getaway way back when perhaps?

There are only 30 limited edition prints available for each size in our Feels Like Home Collection scene so order yours online now to secure an artistic slice of Australian history.