The Lucky Place

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Location: Eora Country — Tamarama Beach, New South Wales.

Dylan’s inspiration: I couldn’t paint a series of famous Australian locales and not include the legendary, Tamarama Beach. This place just feels special and if you stumbled across it in the middle of the day with nobody around, you’d feel like you truly found “The Lucky Place”. I’ve spent many days in the area and most visits would be from different vantage points all offering their own unique vistas. I purposely brightened up the colours and exaggerated the perspective to showcase the aesthetics of the iconic, lucky horseshoe. The idea was to give the collector the most recognisable view of this stunning beach while also making them feel like they’re observing their own little slice of paradise. This area is widely recognised as being quite well-to-do, so I also wanted to convey the essence of luck for those who similarly get to experience its beauty whenever they please.     

Carlene’s inspiration: This stunning slice of Sydney truly is a special part of many Eastern Suburbs residents’ daily lives. Given this collection is all about home, familiarity and nostalgia; we wanted to depict a scene that was instantly recognisable while causing a tug at the heart strings every time it’s viewed. This piece by Dylan does exactly that.

A collaboration between Left Bank Art Group Brand Ambassador, Carlene Duffy, and Northern New South Wales artist, Dylan Cooper; the Feels Like Home Collection draws its creative inspiration from nostalgic national glimpses reimagined for the modern day. The limited edition print collection depicts a series of iconic Australian scenes that truly capture the spirit of a shared social soul. The eight recognisable locations were handpicked by Carlene and Dylan as to their overall popularity and associated potential to connect with a broad Australian audience. Even if you’ve never lived in any of the locales, you know you’ve seen them somewhere, somehow, evoking an intuitive sense of familiarity — a family getaway way back when perhaps?

There are only 30 limited edition prints available for each size in our Feels Like Home Collection scene so order yours online now to secure an artistic slice of Australian history.