All You Can Eat

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Location: Bunjalung Country — Kirra, Queensland.

Dylan’s inspiration: Growing up on the Southern Gold Coast/Northern NSW border, this scene always feels very familiar and comforting to me. Whenever I travel and return to the area, I make sure to drive around Kirra Point — partly to check out the surf but also because it’s a scene that instantly feels like home. The iconic location is firmly cemented in my childhood memories; watching the world’s best surfers compete, scoring the longest barrel of my life, snapping my first board and getting dropped off in the morning with $10 in the Velcro wallet for “All You Can Eat” Pizza Hut. In a nostalgic way, it really felt like I was painting a self-portrait.

Carlene’s inspiration: This scene at Kirra is one many would be familiar with. The Pizza Hut is an iconic part of the famous landscape and was a real hotspot for locals. Its recent closure marked the end of an era, and I wanted this piece to pay homage to a time gone by. After we decided to portray this scene, I visited the site only to find that the legendary Kirra Hotel across the road had also just been demolished. Through this piece, these buildings will live on and hopefully spark joy-filled memories of a summer’s day enjoying an ocean dip or surf, a cold drink and slice of pizza.

A collaboration between Left Bank Art Group Brand Ambassador, Carlene Duffy, and Northern New South Wales artist, Dylan Cooper; the Feels Like Home Collection draws its creative inspiration from nostalgic national glimpses reimagined for the modern day. The limited edition print collection depicts a series of iconic Australian scenes that truly capture the spirit of a shared social soul. The eight recognisable locations were handpicked by Carlene and Dylan as to their overall popularity and associated potential to connect with a broad Australian audience. Even if you’ve never lived in any of the locales, you know you’ve seen them somewhere, somehow, evoking an intuitive sense of familiarity — a family getaway way back when perhaps?

There are only 30 limited edition prints available for each size in our Feels Like Home Collection scene so order yours online now to secure an artistic slice of Australian history.