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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

This beautiful quote from the Tarahumara Runners of Mexico pretty-much sums-up how we feel about partnering with artists to build reputation and realise commercial results. Sometimes, creative talent needs that catalyst to break new ground through well-considered presentation and promotional support. We offer both. Our in-house printing, framing, packaging, shipping and sales services means you stick to the creating while we do the moving-and-shaking. Working with artists, illustrators, designers, photographers and other visionary souls – we’re about forging new artistic frontiers and going further, together.

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Trust is a must.

The sure thing in our art world is the Big T. TRUST. Entrusting us to do the absolute best by your work from both presentation and representation perspectives. All artists in collaboration – regardless of profile – receive the same high-level of professional support because we believe each unique piece shares space in esteemed creative company. Our team is always on-hand to give you decades of industry advice across design, logistics, turnarounds, quotes and any other job specifics you’d like some clarity on. Call, text, email, Zoom – whatever floats your boat – we’re here for you so your artistic dreams come true.


They show our art the same love and respect that we do in creating it.

Art-Work Agency has worked with Left Bank as our preferred partner on numerous projects over the past five-years. Alongside Toby and the team, we’ve commissioned Left Bank to help us produce a range of fine art applications; from printed and framed limited edition photographic prints to the printing and install of vinyl media works in commercial premises.

At all times, we found them to be collaborative, responsive and an absolute joy to work with. They offer fantastic value-for-money solutions that are of the highest quality and craftsmanship – diligent care and meticulous attention to detail always coming standard. Most importantly, they show our art the same love and respect that we do in creating it.

Claudio Kirac


It all happens here.

Left Bank Art Group has been in business for over 30-years, giving us in-depth insights into the progressive world of professional art services. In short. We live it. We breathe it.

Through this legacy, we understand the importance of fusing traditional service with future technologies to offer a premium artist and client experience based on seamless reassurance. Open communication means we listen, and we adapt to what the art world wants. It all happens here, so dig in and discover how we can help elevate your art enterprise.


We Package.

Left Bank offers clever packaging solutions to protect and dispatch artworks both domestically and internationally. Wherever the destination, whatever the way, our crafty team will consult our tried-and-tested bag of tricks to devise the best packed parcel possible. Custom machine-cut boxes, cardboard corners, bubble wrap, secure fixings, FRAGILE tape – it’s all in the grand plan to deliver your art from the heart.


We Deliver.

Left Bank offers safe and speedy delivery services that never miss a beat. We only use reputable courier networks that we’ve established trusted affiliations with through thousands of successful artwork deliveries.

On a more local level, we call on our trusty Left Bank fleet featuring custom fit-outs to carry your precious cargo in rockstar style. Meet; Lefty, Banksy and Gazza (the big boy).