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Artwork Scanning.

Wham, bam,
thank you scan.

When it comes to scanning, it all comes down to the power of perspective. The deeper you can dive, the greater accuracy you can capture. Our SMA Versa Scan 4870 is designed to do exactly this and is the only one of its kind in Australia. Big ups to us. It cost a motza for this marvel of German engineering, but no shortcuts suffice when only the best imaging results will do. 

Boasting an enormous flatbed size of 1220mm X 1778mm, it's specifically designed to capture ultra-fine artwork detail by scanning at an astounding 600 pixels per inch. Custom light settings also pick-up textured nuances in both flat and dimensional works with reproductions able to be doubled in original size due to true optical resolution. Our team has been scanning the art scene for over 10-years now, looking after some of Australia’s most prolific contemporary artists as well as hungry up-in-comers growing that inspirational side-hustle.

Let’s scan man

READ THIS: A quick word of warning. Most consumer scanners claim to capture at 1200+ pixels per inch – BUT! – they use a method called “interpolation” where scanning software adds additional pixels into the final file. Not cool. Why? Because you don't get true resolution and the finer details get lost in translation. Interpolation can go take a vacation!

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Simply Incredible.

The scans we receive from Left Bank Art Group are simply incredible. They pick up the texture of the canvas, paint and embellishments perfectly. My customers are in awe at the stunning quality and detail of the reproductions. Size and speed is no issue with even my 1.3 x 1.8m originals scanned quickly.

Jai Vasicek



Brad Turner.

Digitally capturing original First Nations dot works of acrylic paints on canvas – scanned for print sales.
Artwork Chalahn Juhnurbi - available via bradturnercreative.com


Chanelle Rose.

Digitally capturing an original artist work of ballpoint pen and ink on paper – scanned for limited edition, fine art, giclée print sales.
Artwork On the Money - available via chanellerose.com


Kate Owen.

Digitally capturing original artist works of textured paint on Belgian Linen - scanned for print sales.
Artworks Secret Garden and Pebbles & BamBam - available via kateowenartwork.com.au


Susy Boyer.

Digitally capturing original pencil on paper – scanned for print sales.
Artworks Banksia Pod available here and Banksia Dance available here


Jai Vasicek.

Digitally capturing an original artist work of paint and gold leaf on canvas – scanned for print sales.
Artworks Hokulani and Eos - available via jaivasicek.com


The sharpness
is insane.

In the past, I've used photography to capture my artwork and found this method never quite picks up on the finer details of spray paint. Since discovering Left Bank in early-2020, I've continually been blown away by the superior detail their epic scanner captures. Every little drop is clearly visible, and the sharpness is insane – in fact – the reproductions look just like the real thing!

John Kaye Artist



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