Fine Art & Giclee Printing for Artists

Printing down
to a fine art.

Reproducing prints with pin-point precision is what we do best. Colour-correct tones and dead-accurate detail define the hallmark print standard we stand behind. Fine art and giclée printing are accessible to all artists, as delivered by our epic, Epson archival printers and inks calibrated to custom, colour management software. And with our passionate print people pushing all the right buttons, you know your OG creation will be a déjà vu sensation.

Museum-Grade Materials.
Left Bank only uses Epson Ultra Chrome Pro inks and museum-grade, acid-free, cotton rag papers from trusted brand, Ilford. We’re so confident in our suppliers and team that we guarantee our fine art prints for 100-years. Crazy right?!

Tech-spec accuracy.
Epson has always been the leader in the fine art printing game which is precisely why we’ve continued to run these beauties over the past 12-years.  Our bank of P20070’s can print up to 160cm wide, at almost any length, and pulls from a superior, 10-colour gamut. Calibrated Eizo monitors display an accurate on-screen representation of how your print will appear in real life while custom ICC profiles guarantee the best rendition of your artwork always rolls off the printer. In fact, our Left Bank profiles were set up by one of Australia's brightest minds in the fine art reproduction field, Dr. Les Walkling. That’s some serious artsy name-dropping people.

Approachable and affordable
Our friendly team all share one passion. ART. Actually, make that two. SERVICE. We love our artists and enjoy working creatively with them to realise their works’ final vision. We don’t mind if your work features in big-city galleries, regional libraries, swish hotels or on the walls of private homes; to us all artists create equally, and we embrace this paradigm-shifting perspective. On the cost front, 30-years of trusted supplier relationships now derives a competitive pricing model designed to support the artist first. And the real kicker with digital printing is that there’s minimal setup time so the entry cost is low with one-off prints starting at an affordable $20.

Contact Us.

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The quality is

Leftbank Art Group is an extremely professional and friendly organisation that I have always trusted with my artwork. The quality of the inks and paper used when they create limited edition reproductions of selected works are exceptional. The lovely thing about working with Leftbank is they also frame my prints and large-scale original artworks beautifully.

Chanelle Rose, Artist


Ilford Cotton
Rag for
Giclée Printing

Founded in 1879, Ilford is a leading player in the development of professional media for high-quality inkjet printing. The Ilford name is iconic in imaging history and continues to evolve cutting-edge technology due to its reputable photo imaging links, research and development dedication, and tireless pursuit of technical innovation.


Premium Fine
Art Canvas for Giclée Printing

We've selected premium, fine art canvases offering two different finishes for giclée reproductions – matte and lustre. These options give artists a solid choice of how they’d prefer their artwork to be displayed, either a beautiful matte surface for a natural look or a bold lustre surface for rich blacks and intense colours. The matte canvas comes from the esteemed Ilford Galerie collection while our lustre canvas is from the established French paper manufacturer, Canson. Neither contain OBA's (optical brightening agents) which causes yellowing over time.


Leah Bartholomew.

Thanks Left Bank team! You always produce such a beautiful high quality outcome, I appreciate the attention to detail and incredible craftmanship.

Leah Bartholomew, Artist


It's all in
the detail.

To ensure the absolute best and most accurate reproduction of your work is created we use museum-grade materials from trusted brands Epson and Ilford. Before the printers do their bit, our calibrated Eizo monitors allows accurate on-screen representation of how the print will appear in real life.

We've partnered with one of Australia's brightest minds in the fine art reproduction field, Dr. Les Walkling, for custom ICC profiles - ensuring the absolute best rendition of your artwork comes off the printer. We then visually colour match to ensure sharp and colour correct reproductions.


Certificate of Authenticity.

To create a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for you we charge a one off graphic design fee of $55. We can also create individual COA's for each artwork by swapping the image in the design. 

You will receive a digital proof file before we go ahead with printing to ensure you are happy with the design. To print A5 size (recommended) COA's it's $5 each.

We recommend the Smooth Cotton Rag for the COA Prints. If you have any branding elements, colour schemes, images, moodboards or design styles you prefer, send them through for us to reference.


File Specs.

Colour Profile: Adobe RGB
PPI: 300Preferred
File Type: JPEG or TIFF