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A Legacy in Art.

More than 30-years of fine art printing, framing and artist representation work has seen Left Bank rise to the top of the industry ladder when it comes to delivering outstanding visual and commercial results. To quote Toby, “We’ve earned client trust by trusting in our own personalised way of doing business – we’re in it together to grow, thrive and make art come alive. Over time, we see our clients as extended family and move artistic mountains to meet their unique needs, whatever the brief and budget”.

We are Left Bank Art Group. And you will always be our art-felt priority.

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Toby, Michelle,
Bob & Sandra


When it comes from the family, it comes from the heart. From humble beginnings in a Main Beach shopfront to state-of-art facilities now in Luscombe, Left Bank Art Group has been an artistic pursuit of passion nurtured by founders Bob and Sandy Simm; and in more recent years, son Toby and wife, Michelle. One must simply love art to put this much time, energy and investment into it. That’s why Left Bank always has – and always will be – 100% invested in art.

Toby Simm.
- Director
- Office Tornado

CV Graphic Designer
Industry Cred 20-years
Left Bank 14-years
- Commercial art consulting.
- Business development.
- Client marketing.
- Innovation champion/budget blowout guy.
- Motivational guru!
Work Love Leading a team who are as passionate about all-things art as my family, and I are.
Left Bank Artist They are all part of the Left Bank family, so I don’t really play favourites. It’s all even-steven for me.
Weekends Hanging out with my young family and toy poodle. Shooting hoops to burn off any leftover work energy.
Sucker for My daily piccolo coffee(s) to enhance the hyperactivity factor!

Michelle Simm.
- Brand Manager
- Reliable Roustabout

CV Bachelor of Design (Hons) Queensland University of Technology
Industry Cred 12+years
Left Bank 2-years
Day-to-day All-round in-house design roustabout covering:
- website content.
- graphic design.
- trade show design.
- artist onboarding for our collection.
Work Love The amazing art we get to see every day and the lovely artists we get to work with.
Left Bank Artist OOooo that’s a toughy. Would have to be Claudio Kirac, AKA, CK
Weekends Keeping the kids busy and attempting to grow vegetables.
Sucker for Napoleon (the poodle).

Bob Simm.
- Co-founder
- Expert Framer
- DJ Extraordinaire

CV In a past life, furniture making
Industry Cred 34-years
Left Bank Time 34-years
Day-to-Day Overseeing the workshop, deliveries and machine maintenance – and critically – keeping the tunes cranked and Left Bank vibe alive!
Work Love Watching your business flourish beyond the dream you imagined – and maybe poking fun at Toby as we’ve got a love/hate relationship when it comes to how fast things are evolving around here!
Left Bank Artist John Maitland, as we’ve been working together for over 25-years.
Weekends Driving my beloved 79’ Chrysler Regal with the vintage car club, being a grandad and trying to play golf better than the last time.
Sucker For A ham, cheese and tomato sanga and a good shiraz (not necessarily at the same time)

Sandra Simm.
- Co-founder
- Bookkeeper
- Office Mum

CV In a past life, champion hurdler
Industry Cred 34-years
Left Bank Time 34-years
Day-to-Day Keeping the accounts (and team) in good order.
Work Love Our ability to partner with an artist in their business and become an ongoing part of their success. Also, offering the range of amazing artist services we now have all under the one roof.
Left Bank Artist Jai Vasicek, the way he can make colours work together is simply incredible.
Weekends Coaching the next generation of basketball referees, being a grandma and late breakfasts with friends.
Sucker For Late-night British crime shows and a pinot noir with blue cheese and crackers.


Kaitlyn, Maree and Jess


To keep product and service quality high, Left Bank only invests in cutting-edge equipment and materials sourced globally. Embracing innovation is key when it comes to presenting art in its finest form, coupled with a vision to integrate sustainable business practices wherever possible. All the studio’s printers, scanners, papers, canvases, timbers and other tools are testament to a team who takes pride in producing work of artisan standard while keeping a close eye on preserving the planet.

Kaitlyn Fisher.
- Artist Manager

CV Diploma of Graphic Design - Billy Blue College of Design
Industry Cred 2-years
Left Bank Since July 2020
- Print order management.
- Customer liaison.
- Print, package and dispatch.
Work Love Morning coffees and cake! Plus, a great work crew of course.
Left Bank Artist Blck Pen; because their ode to nature and use of fine line work and detail makes it hard to look away. Weekend It’s a mixed bag, weekend dependant – going to art galleries in the city, nature/landscape photography, a Sunday drive through the hinterland and camping every now and then.
Sucker for GREAT FOOD!

Maree Oaten.
- Manager - Textiles

CV Advanced Diploma Visual Communication / Advertising Design
Industry Cred 22yrs +
Left Bank Since 2022
Day-to-Day All things textiles and surface printing.
Work Love The Kornit Presto and working with a great team, producing art on textiles!
Left Bank Artist So many talents to choose from but Claudio Kirac’s work has caught my eye.
Weekends Mum duty to 3 teenagers, husband and 2 Oodles.
Sucker for Coffee, Tennis, Prosecco & Fabulous Earrings.

Jess Rosten.
- Project Manager

CV Interior Designer
Industry Cred 18-years
Left Bank Since Sept 2020
Day-to-day Working with Interior Designers on artwork selections and project management. Order processing, data entry, custom requests, quotations. 
Work Love The vibrant and inspiring work environment with so much creative energy! Also, working with a great team that supports each other laughing through the challenges.
Left Bank Artist I have no favourite "child", they are all loved equally.
Weekends Fun Art Fridays where I come home on a Friday night, crack-open a bottle of wine and attempt to paint something. Also, gardening, gyming, the Village Markets and foood!
Sucker for Flattery (typical Leo) and a good laugh.


Felicity, Bora, Marcela,
Glenn and Tegan

Felicity Holz.
- Artwork Reproduction Specialist.

- Bachelor Digital Media – Studio Art.
- Certificate III – Computerise Digitised Hoop Embroidery.
Industry Cred 5-years
Left Bank Since Mar 2019
Day-to-Day A day pretty-much goes…fine art printing, colour matching, checking Glenn’s samples, running wall prints, doing emails, Glenn interrupting me again, and then hitting repeat.
Work Love Being an artist myself, the variety of art that comes through the doors is very inspiring for my own creative process. Plus, the team I work with, they’re the best!
Left Bank Artist Brad Turner and The Past Ancestry Symbolism. The different elements, their representation and earthy tones.
Weekend Coral shopping, love the ocean!
Sucker for Plants, as I’m a tad obsessed with the green thumb life.

Bora Mustafa.
- Content Creator.
- Fine Art Scanner (Wham Bam’s Dad).
- IT Support.

CV IT Degree - Photographer - Videographer.
Industry Cred 5-years
Left Bank Since Feb 2021
Day-to-Day I do A TONNE of artwork scanning and look at them super close-up to find any imperfections to correct. A daily given is Toby running in (literally) and asking me to quickly grab my camera and shoot another cool thing we’ve just produced. Do you know we can even print on leather and upholstery?!
Work Love Being around stacks of cool art and creative people who are open-minded. Also, contributing something positive to today’s society.
Left Bank Artist They’re all great to me and each offer something totally diverse which is cool.
Weekends Portrait photography and sitting on my surfboard out the back (I can't say surfing because I'm still figuring it out lol). Basketball with mates and watching every single F1 race religiously.
Sucker for Wagyu beef, sake and jazz – all the good stuff.

Marcela Picinin.
- Print Assistant.

CV Bachelor in Architecture (Puc - Rio) + Associate Degree in Graphic Design (RMIT-Melbourne)
Industry Cred 3 years (interior design) 3 years (Watercolour artist + Collage artist)
Left Bank Since 2021
Day-to-Day Creating Moodboards, sketching, drawing, painting, retouching art, composing Murals, in a few words: the fun part :D
Work Love Creating something new every day; otherwise, I can't sleep.
Left Bank Artist Cat Gerke. I love her choice of colours, the stripes, and the way she paints fabric. Her canvas prints framed in oak are just perfect.
Weekend Hang out with Loretta (my bicycle) and my husband, Felipe.
Sucker for Music, seriously, can't live without it.

Glenn Cummings.
- Fabric Printer Operator.

CV Graphic Design – screen printing, web, print, signage.- Animation – storyboard, keyframe. - Illustration – traditional, digital.- Portraiture – pencil, pastel, paint, ink.- Painting – acrylic, oil, airbrush.- Aerosol muralist.- Cartooning, comic illustration.- Traditionally trained stone sculpturer.
Industry Cred 20+ years
Left Bank Since Nov 2020
Day-to-Day Fabric printing printing printing.
Work Love The variety of work I get to do and seeing the amazing art that comes through the door. And the cool people, naturally.
Left Bank Artist Albert I. His work is so very clean and reminds me of traditional scientific illustrations.
Weekends Wrangling the kid and going for a roll on the skateboard.
Sucker for Art that has action/movement, slow-cooked lamb, rainforest wanders.

Tegan Hale.
- Grand Format Printer.

CV Award winning graphic designer, art director and vinyl decal artist.
Industry Cred 15 years in vector art and specialised vinyl cut decals, 2 years large format printing & print production and 3 independent feature films worth of art direction.
Left Bank Since 2022
Day-to-Day Getting my grand format print on with Glenn and chatting everything art, patterns and fabric with Maree.
Work Love Being surrounded by so much beautiful art, talking about art and printing art...What a dream!
Left Bank Artist Bodhi Del Mar - A brilliant multi-disciplinary artist and straight up ethereal queen!
Weekend Reading, writing, creating! Peppered with some gymming and swimming...
Sucker for Movie references.


Koreena, Shane, Bruce, Amanda,
Dylan and Bree

Koreena Sullivan.
- Framing Production Manager
- Psychic (see below)

CV Qualified Framer
Industry Cred 43-years
Left Bank Time Mar 2016
Day-to-Day Reading Toby’s mind daily ;) And making sure all his promises get out the door.
Work Love Love the team and family feel.
Left Bank Artist Nadurna, as I just love her art.
Weekend If I’m not working at Left Bank (because we’re so flat out!) then working in my beautiful garden.
Sucker for Saying “yes” to Toby.

Shane Smith.
- Framer

CV Qualified Framer
Industry Cred 11-years
Left Bank Since Mar 2021
Day-to-Day All elements of picture framing.
Work Love The happy atmosphere every day.
Left Bank Artist They’re all incredibly talented artists in my eyes.
Weekends Watching live bands and hanging out with my good mates.
Sucker for Overseas travel and visiting my family in the Philippines. Oh, and Japan for the rad music.

Bruce Scott.
- Framer

CV 41-years of professional framing experience.
Industry Cred 41-years
Left Bank Since May 2021
Day-to-Day Staying busy in my retirement, on the saw in the workshop cutting and joining frames, helping out the team when they need me.
Work Love There's a great satisfaction in framing an artist’s work to help them finish their creation.
Weekends Mad-keen fisherman, spending time with my family and dinner with friends.
Sucker for Puppies and precious granddaughter time.

Amanda Harrison.
- Framer

CV Computer Animation - Graphic Design
Industry Cred 13-years
Left Bank Since Apr 2021
Day-to-Day Serving our awesome customers and custom picture framing.
Work Love It’s fast-paced and there’s always something interesting going on.
Weekends Spending quality time with my partner and two kids whether that be relaxing at home or out on a local adventure..
Sucker for Nice wine and a solid Netflix binge.

Dylan Cooper.
- Celebrity Apprentice Framer

CV Fine Arts Diploma & Practicing artist
Industry Cred 10-years in the arts. 5-months framing.
Left Bank Since Nov 2020
Day-to-Day All things frames – and by that I mean cutting, joining, stretching, sanding and framing beautiful artworks.
Work Love Being privy to some awesome artwork and learning the fine art of professional framing.
Left Bank Artist I don’t really have a favourite Left Bank artist; but I did have the privilege of seeing an amazing Arthur Boyd work and a Rorschach painting by Ben Quilty that came in.
Weekends Surfing, painting and family time.

Bree Sullivan.
- Regular Roustabout

CV Currently qualified to be unqualified, but always eager to learn. I have nothing to do with picture framing like Koreena (Mum) but I am a qualified learn to swim teacher so can keep my head above water!
Industry Cred 6-years
Left Bank 6-years, casually
Day-to-day Making sure all the dispatch orders get out the door on time and undamaged, fitting and other odd jobs that young guns usually get.
Work Love That we're all one big family.
Left Bank Artist Kyle Hunter — his photographs are amazing and every time I see them my urge to travel just grows.
Weekends Whatever’s going. Hanging at the beach, going out with friends, helping out with heal.ed and house stuff with Mum.
Sucker for Cute puppies!

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