Custom Mural Printing

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Murals are so hot right now. Big, in-ya-face, custom, paste-ups that pack a stunning visual punch. WE. LOVE. THEM. Whether it's for a commercial or residential space, we’ve got just the design team and tools to get it up there – and we’re talking Australia-wide.

There are a few ways we can pull a mural project together for you. Our in-house designers can create your print from scratch, we can choose an option from our comprehensive catalogue, or you can supply us with your custom artwork files to work too. Whichever way suits, we’ll then process the custom wallpaper through our HP Latex technology which uses a combination of coloured and white inks to achieve stunning effects in detail even at large scale on flat, textured and metallic medias.

All mural prints are commercial-grade with Class-A fire ratings, and we print orders on-demand making for an extremely cost-effective creative solution (unlike the old wallpaper cost-per-metre model). Time to build your own great wall.

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We couldn't be happier

We worked with the team at Left Bank Art Group to create a feature wall at our new Cornerstone Store. Our tenancy is small and mostly glazed so we wanted to make a statement with a remaining solid wall. Art-Work Agency designed us a mural and Left Bank applied a repeating pattern to a wallpaper medium. They also coordinated the install, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. It was a great, cost-effective design option and made a huge impact in our humble space.

Lauren Lance, Owner



Left Bank produces wallpaper murals across a broad stroke of commercial premises covering restaurants, retailers, gyms, offices and other cool establishments that dig a degree of street cred. We’ve found that every install presents its own unique challenges in relation to space dimensions, features, lighting and public interaction. That’s why our crack team of designers and installers dot each I and cross every T to make sure your feature wall was a good creative call.




Wall Papers

We print custom wallpapers and wall murals for residential and commercial projects across Australia. Using UV LED technology with CMYK and white inks, and a range of medias, we can achieve stunning effects at enormous scale, printed on demand, specifically for your project. This means we print once an order is placed, different to traditional wallpaper printing, where you would pay for metres of product you might not need.


Metallic Silver Wall Mural