Preserving Your Masterpiece: Scanning with LeftBank Art Group

Preserving Your Masterpiece: Scanning with LeftBank Art Group

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Uses for Art Scans

Hello, creative souls and artistic spirits! Today, we're diving into how fine art scans can be a game-changer for artists like you. Let’s paint a picture of the endless possibilities that high-resolution art scans bring to your easel.

First up, let's talk about expanding your gallery beyond originals. Fine art prints are a brilliant way to replicate your masterpieces and share them with a broader audience. Imagine your artwork gracing the walls of admirers near and far. These prints allow you to sell your art multiple times, boosting your income while preserving the original's integrity.

Scanning fine art for archival purposes is crucial in preserving the beauty and integrity of an artwork. It serves as a digital safeguard against the ravages of time, environmental factors, and unforeseen incidents. By creating high-quality digital replicas, artists can ensure that the essence of the artwork is captured and maintained. 


Michael Scott from the office is annoyed that he didn't scan his art before it sold


Social media and digital marketing are your canvases for the digital age. High-quality scans of your artwork can make your online portfolio pop. Share your creations on Instagram, Pinterest, or your website, attracting followers, clients, and patrons with the vivid details and textures that only a fine art scan can capture.

Next, consider the world of fashion and fabric. Your art doesn't have to be confined to traditional mediums. Why not see your designs come to life on textiles? Fabric printing can transform your paintings into wearable art – think scarves, shirts, or even tote bags. This isn't just diversifying; it's about dressing the world in your creativity!

For my entrepreneurial artists, e-commerce is a realm ripe with potential. Use art scans to create stunning backgrounds for your online shop. This not only showcases your work but also adds an artistic flair to your website, making every visitor's experience a walk through your virtual gallery.

Wallpaper prints? Absolutely! Large-scale reproductions of your work can turn any interior into an immersive art experience. It’s a bold way to make a statement and a unique opportunity to collaborate with interior designers and architects.

Don’t overlook the small but mighty sticker. Stickers of your artwork can be promotional tools or simply a fun addition to your sold prints. They’re a low-cost, high-impact way to spread your art far and wide.

And for the pièce de résistance, let's talk about enlarged prints. Imagine your artwork, magnified to awe-inspiring proportions, displayed in public spaces, offices, or large galleries. It’s your vision, supersized! We scan at 600ppi, meaning we can enlarge the artwork up to four times the original size easily for giclée prints. Depending on the use we can even go larger.

Artists, the scan is your oyster! Whether it's for prints, fashion, digital showcasing, or grand displays, high-quality art scans open up a world where your creativity knows no bounds. Happy scanning!

Photography vs Scanning

High-resolution scanning is like having superhero vision for art! It's way cooler than old-school photography when it comes to capturing the magic of artwork. Think about it: instead of just snapping a picture from 2 meters away, high-res scanning gets up close, picking up all those awesome little details you'd probably miss otherwise.



Typically a scan has twice the detail of a photo. It’s like having a magnifying glass that shows off every tiny brushstroke, every sneaky shade of colour, and all those cool textures that make the art pop. The only time we’d recommend a photo over a scan is for thick impasto works that you wouldn’t want to place face down on a scanner anyway. 

It's not just about making a copy; it's about bringing the art to life in a way that's super close to the original. Imagine seeing a painting and then seeing its scanned twin – it's like, "Whoa, did it just wink at me?" This tech isn't just a fancy gadget; it's like a magic portal that lets us see art in its true, vibrant glory. So, yeah, high-res scanning is pretty much the bee's knees in the art world!


Artist Rebecca Lamb

We go large!

Boasting an enormous flatbed size of 1.2m X 1.7m, our scanner is specifically designed to capture ultra-fine artwork detail by scanning at an astounding 600 pixels per inch. And if an artwork can be laid flat on the scanner, we can scan it in sections and join it together. File stitching allows us to scan artworks up to 2 x 2.5m. Yep, that's big.   


Artist Sylvie Kettle


Our 3 Service Types Explained

Each service type is designed to cater to your unique needs and preferences, ensuring a personalized and effective experience. From the essentials to advanced offerings, we're here to demystify our services and help you make the best choice for your projects.

Raw Scanning

With the Raw Scanning service we offer you high-quality, untouched TIF files straight from our scanner, ready for your creative touch. This is your chance to customize like a pro: crop it like it's hot, retouch, and perfect the colour balance to your heart's content. Each file is a blank canvas waiting for your artistic vision.

And here's the best part: while the first scan is at full price, any additional scans you need are available at a discounted “subsequent” rate. This is the perfect opportunity for those who love having complete control over their digital art projects. This scanning service is "on the spot," but it's by appointment only. Let's schedule a time that works best for you, so we can concentrate on bringing your creative visions to life with precision and care! 


Artist Peggy Latter

Print Ready Scanning

The Print Ready Scanning service isn't just a run-of-the-mill scan job. Oh no, we're talking precision cropping, detailed retouching, and colour matching that'll capture the very essence of your artwork – with only the most subtle of colour variations, of course. Each order comes with a high-resolution JPG for all your zoom-in needs, a web-ready JPG for flaunting your art online, and an A4 colour test print. And the cherry on top? You get to pick between three cotton rag papers and two canvas types for this test print. 

Now, let's talk timing – your artful treasures will be ready to dazzle in a week or two. We prefer to keep your original with us to compare our test prints too, but we can work around your needs. Again, your first scan in each job is like the main event at full price, but every scan after that comes with a wallet-happy discount. We call it the subsequent scan price. Peek at our fine art prints page for a visual treat of our mediums or, if you're feeling social, let us know you’d like to come see them in person. 

Directional vs Flat lighting

When you're scanning your artwork, think of directional lighting as the spotlight at a rock concert – it's all about drama and making those textures pop. It's fantastic for showing off all the cool brush strokes and textures that give your art character. Imagine the light coming from the top, throwing little shadows and making the surface details stand out. It's like 3D magic for textured pieces!

On the flip side, flat lighting is like a sunny but overcast day – smooth, even, and no harsh shadows. This is the go-to for when you want your colours to look just right and your details sharp. It's super for a watercolour painting or a finely detailed sketch. Flat lighting keeps it real and true, without any of the drama. So, whether you want to show off the bumps and grooves or keep it sleek and accurate, your lighting choice can make a big difference!


Directional lighting vs flat lighting example - Fine Art Scanning

Artist Kylie Daniel

How to submit your art to us

For optimal directional light scanning, please ensure your artwork is either flat or stretched. This prevents the scanner from detecting any ripples or inconsistencies in the medium. Print Ready Scans require you to specify the medium you'd like for the test prints. You can view photos of our available mediums on our fine art prints page, or if you prefer, we can showcase them to you in person. Please provide us with the titles for each artwork. Don't be embarrassed if they are a bit kooky. We like that. You could even write the title on the back of the original. We LOVE that.

“My Time to Shine” by @sarahabbottartdesign is so aptly named we had to feature it here.



If your artwork doesn't have a clear orientation, kindly mark the top side on the back with a "T" to help us identify the correct positioning. That would be tops!

And there you have it – the ins and outs of fine art scanning, a process that ensures your artwork is preserved, shared, and celebrated in the digital age. Remember, whether it's for archival purposes, reproduction, or simply capturing the essence of your art in a new light, high-quality scanning is a crucial step in the journey of your masterpiece. Don't let your artwork just sit there; give it the digital life it deserves! If you're ready to see your art in a whole new pixel-perfect perspective, we're here to help. Just fill in our contact form to get the ball rolling. Let's transform your treasured pieces into digital masterpieces together!

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