Making Miss Mee's Wallpaper

Making Miss Mee's Wallpaper

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Miss Mee is a south-east Asian eatery located on the Gold Coast, whose brand was inspired by the persona of Miss Mee – a strong, humorous and magnetising femme fatale who you just can’t help but fall for. Miss Mee is all about connection with culture through food, a sense of mystery, passion, sass and attitude. We partnered with creative agency Art-Work to support the translation of the Miss Mee visual brand throughout the venue. 

This project is a prime example of the various creative ways print can completely transform a space, in both a time and cost-effective way. Paste-ups were plastered along staircases, weaving subcultural elements through the interior space. Complemented by neon lighting created by Queensland Neon, the paste-ups help patrons transition between the two dining areas. A series of wallpapers were developed for both the upstairs and downstairs dining spaces, printed with custom metallic and textural effects. Designed to respond to the changing light and movement in the space, the artworks shift and mould seamlessly into the rooms. The outcome is a visual experience that engages the Miss Mee patron across all touch-points of the brand.

We print custom wallpapers and wall murals for residential and commercial projects across Australia. Using HP Latex technology with CMYK and white inks, and a range of media, we can achieve stunning effects at enormous scales. Wallpapers and printed to size, minimising wastage and providing a cost-effective outcome.

Project credits:
Visual designer – Art-Work Agency
Venue designer – Space Cubed Design Studio
Printer – Left Bank Art Group
Signage and neon manufacturer – Queensland Neon
Venue photography – Marcello Lang
Videography – Art-Work Agency

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