Brad Turner

Dirawong Buyuhl ‘Goanna Mountain’ 2

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The Dirawong, an unseen spiritual creature also known as the goanna spirit, is one of the Creator Beings of the Bundjalung, that Protects, Guards and helps it’s people with cultural lore.

The Dirawong (goanna) is also associated with rain and there is a rain cave on Goanna Headland where the Elders of the Bundjalung Nation people went in the old days to organise ceremonies for rain. Bundjalung people believe the spirits of wounded warriors are present within the mountains, their injuries having manifested themselves as scars on the mountainside, and thunderstorms in the mountains recall the sounds of those warriors' battles. Red ochre represents blood, life source, it is a very powerful coloured ochre, used if you want to send a powerful message.

Limited Edition artwork by Brad Turner digitally captured by Left Bank Art Group using our high resolution flat bed scanner, this reproduction is of such quality, it looks like the original. Each stretched Fine Art Canvas print comes in a bespoke Tasmanian Oak Float Frame, which is FSC certified and sustainably sourced.

Edition of 30.
Certificate of Authenticity hand signed and numbered by the artist.


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