The Fine Art of Business

Projects in partnership.

Left Bank Art Group works directly with the trade to bring inspiring art projects to life. Notable companies trust our creative advice and commitment to deliver quality art outcomes on time and to budget. Responding to the client brief, we collaborate on artwork selection, framing options, delivery logistics and professional installation, keeping the project scope securely in-check. With thousands of artworks to choose from, our team can quickly source exactly what you’re after and even customise some options to better-suit a desired style. From private apartments through to hotels, restaurants and aged care facilities; all projects receive the same level of attention to achieve artistic impact with purpose. Working with interiors and FFE designers, procurement managers, architects, developers and builders, our professional service and creative flair is seen as a real breath of fresh air.   

- Expert artistic advice.
- Industry-best client service. 
- Custom artwork solutions.
- Commissions on request. 
- Strategic budget options.   
- Speedy and safe delivery. 

Let's create.

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Expert advice and an outstanding product.

Since 2017, we’ve engaged Left Bank to print, frame and deliver artworks on numerous high-end projects, Australia-wide. We partner with some of the country’s leading artists and photographers who entrust us to ensure their work is presented at a premium standard in some of the top hotel brands. Our team always finds the entire Left Bank experience to be very professional and handled with the utmost of ease. From the moment we commence quoting a project right through to its delivery, Toby and the team are hands-on in providing prompt responses and expert advice across all printing, framing and logistical queries; ultimately delivering an outstanding product each and every time.

Ilana Rabinowitz, Director
Artduo Australia Pty Limited


Seriously fun service.

We know your project is serious business but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun while we’re at it, right? Since Left Bank’s beginnings, we’ve made it a priority to get to know our clients both personally and professionally to help facilitate the delivery of outstanding art projects. When you develop this depth of mutual understanding, the freedom to have some creative fun naturally follows with profound artistic moments becoming the collaborative alchemy.

For over 30-years, our passion for art has matured and runs ever-deep as we champion artists and the trade in a common cause to showcase artworks in their best light. Personal service tailored to each unique brief is what sets apart when it comes to presenting the visual spectacle that is, art.


Custom Art Collection.

A number of artists we’ve partnered with have signed-up to our Open-Edition Collection – a series of works that our talented in-house designers have license to customise. From past trade collaborations, we identified a need to go down this road as sometimes off-the-shelf options don’t quite suit the creative story being depicted across the project palette. Simply email us or drop-in with your mood and material boards, fabric swatches and any other relevant inspo that will help guide us in producing a custom creation that complements the overarching design aesthetic you’re looking for.

Together, we’ll frame the vision.


Designs on materials.

We’re heavily invested in pushing the presentation of art into striking, new formats that widen the visual scope outside of conventional media. The multi-national mix of cutting-edge equipment we work with allows us to reproduce art across an array of applications and onto a diverse range of materials. Paper, canvas, wallpaper, acrylic, glass, tiles, wood, leather, fabrics – our skilled print technicians can print designs onto pretty much anything that fits onto the print bed. Hit us up with your crazy print question; we’re confident we’ll pull it off!


Find your flow.

If you’re starting out from scratch to create a specific look and feel, we can set sail with you to help define a creative foundation to build upon. By referencing your brief – or just from a good chat – we’ll consult our licensed artist collection and compile a catalogue of artworks that embody the project tone. You can even show us a piece of art that you love, and we’ll try to  track down the artist to see if they’re willing to work with us? Alternatively, our designers can create a similar look in-house that’s tailor-made to make an equally-as-stunning impression.

Whatever your creative ambition, we’ll have it in the Bank.