Picture perfect.

A Small dedicated team of creatives.

From humble beginnings in 1989, as a ‘mum and pop’ frame shop on Main Beach, Left Bank Art Group has firmly established itself as a leading fine art printing and picture framing supplier to artists and the interiors industry.

Our focus has always been on outstanding service. It’s ingrained in us. Paired with our specialist knowledge and exceptional equipment, it allows to deliver epic products in speedy timeframes, which enables our customers to concentrate on what they do best; creating beautiful art and interiors.

With over three decades of experience, our friendly team are experts in their fields. Our consultancy service is tailored to artists, whom we can help with advice on all aspects of printing like capturing, retouching or colour management and even how to sell their creations, whilst interior designers can work with us on affordable artwork packages through to one-off, commissioned originals, all expertly framed and delivered on-time and in budget.

Photo: Daniel Snare Photography

Bob Simm


Bob has been framing for over 30 years and knows the ins, outs, ups, downs and arounds of his craft. It wasn't until after managing the supermarket in Main Beach and working as a real estate agent that he saw potential in the Left Bank framing shop across the road. It only took a year for his passion to ignite and (like a fine wine) has only developed over time. Bob loves a chat, especially on anything with four wheels that shares his age.

Photo: Daniel Snare Photography

Sandra Simm


Since meeting Bob in high school in 1971, Sandra (the dynamo of the duo) has co-owned and operated businesses for the majority of their ~50 year partnership. Until recently Sandra rejected any notion of a creative bone in her body, seeing herself to be more suited to the precise logic in book work and accounting. But as time went on, her finesse to pair beautifully thought-out & complimentary finishes to art became undeniable. Sandra sees it as an outlet to apply her love of fashion and trends to her work and is inspired by evolving framing styles. We have many customers who simply drop off their art to Sandra and trust her to work her magic.

Photo: Daniel Snare Photography

Toby Simm


Joining the family business in 2009, after an extended overseas jaunt, Toby saw potential in his parents humble picture framing business, by adding graphics and digital printing to the range of services offered. Since then, Left Bank's digital arm has grown rapidly. Trained in 2003 as a graphic designer, Toby now looks after commercial art consulting and business development, along with dreaming up what the next piece of equipment Left Bank may or may not need to invest in. His dreams are big but Toby finds balance with his grey toy poodle, Napoleon and thirst for (laughably) tiny, piccolo coffees.


Julia Channer


Julia specialises in artwork scanning & Giclee printing but can also help you to print, edit and restore family photos or create layouts and photo collages. She has extensive experience in digital media, colour management and an eye for detail. Julia has known the Simm family since she was born but was welcomed into their work family in 2014, fulfilling her passion for art and all things creative.

Photo: Daniel Snare Photography

Koreena Sullivan


Koreena has been a cheerful helping hand to the Simm family since 2013 and joined the team full-time in 2016. Known for her ingenious techniques (near miracles) performed on the reg to anything we throw at her, her accuracy, attention to detail and speed is unmatched. Koreena has almost 40 years experience in the industry and tirelessly applies her honed skills to elevate the beauty of any art that finds it's way to her. She's the fastest (staple) gun in the East and there's no messing around with her!


Brie Harris


Having joined the business in 2018, Brie looks after the process from consultation through to collecting your finished work. You can find her helping clients choose the right frame for their work or in the workshop putting it all together. She gets a lot of thrills seeing all the incredibly diverse work that comes through our doors and has to be restrained from spending her pay cheque each week on the beautiful work from local artists!


Hayden Andrews


Our local celebrity framer Hayden became the front man of our frame workshop in 2018 and pushes the busy work rhythm beyond 180BPM. With over 10 years experience he revels in the challenges that arise when planning and bringing together elements to create something really unique. His keen eye for detail and meticulous skill arranging layouts is why he’s our specialist for sports jerseys, war medals or photo collages. When he’s not expertly arranging jerseys and vintage memorabilia you can find him bringing the house down with his band, Cheap Fakes. Do you want an encore? Come in with your art or memorabilia and he’ll make it sing!


Jarrad Miller


Jarrad specialises in all things wallpaper. Being a seasoned graphic artist with almost 10 years experience in the field (initially taught by Toby himself), wallpaper design is aptly matched with his diverse skill set. With a life-long interest in art and illustration, he loves the excitement of progressing his creations from consultation, to captivating wall displays. He enjoys the variety and problem solving required in each project to achieve beautifully impressive results that truly make an impact.


Felicity Holz


Felicity (AKA Flick) was introduced to Left Bank during her study at Griffith uni completing an internship with us in 2018. Needless to say we were left wanting more and so joined the team in 2019. Flick Specialises in high resolution art scanning, Giclee art reproduction and hand embellishing. Outside of work Flick spends most of her time exploring different art mediums, strengthening her artistic skills and pushing creative limits. You’ll catch Flick tearing the edges off prints (deckling), adding some texture or - her favorite - covered in gold from hand foiling art pieces.